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Tommy Robinson: "I was already offered, if I plead guilty I will not go to prison; I cannot do it!" - [PEACE]

Tommy Robinson lays out his treatment at the hands of the UK
"justice" system, their courts and "law" (abominable legal process)
and that he's been offered that he will not go to jail again, on his
(illegal, without precedent) retrial, if he will just plead guilty.

Tommy Robinson: â??I said to my wife, "I cannot do it, no matter what!"â??

Well done Tommy - you're setting a Haverbeck-tier example.

Just like not signing an "unconditional" bail and doing 7 months "at
her majesty's pleasure" for the privilege of standing for the right
of free and unfettered passage.

Nice to see a few goy starting to stand.

Here's the thing though, and let's take the German Haverbeck example
rather than the UK or Aussie example:

So (((they))) brought in a despotic law, in the German case, making a
criminal offence out of even the mere questioning of the "Holocaust"
(truly, the Holohoax).

Grandma Haverbeck lives her right, the right to put forward/ publish
the facts she has access to, along with her right to publicly ask a
few, rather difficult, questions, for a random example "gas death
chambers" with rickety wooden paling fence gates rather than sealed
steel doors.

On the second instance, Haverbeck is slammed in the clink.

And the point is this:

 - Imagine a few dozen people all publicly stating that they
   genuinely have the same Haverbeck question.

 - They do this publicly, ensuring media coverage and very public
   unanimous voices.

A few dozen is no longer a lone, unsupported, "conspiracy theorist"
or whatever ad-hom term is used in the German law, perhaps

A few dozen is heard around the world.

A few dozen, treated to such a "legal" spectacle inspires 100s if not
1000s of fellow goy to add their voices to the front runners.

NOW the evil law may well be overturned, for example with a wave of
the magical declaration wand of the high court "This law is no longer

Surely discarding the cloak of fear has to be one of the greatest
"internal shackles" liberations possible before passing from this
world, no matter "win", "lose" or draw?