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Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? (And your guns) - Zerowedgie - [PEACE]

Retired Green Beret: What Can Be Done When They Come For The Guns?

	â?¦ We are at a juncture that most people do not recognize â?¦ on the
	precipice of tyranny. This piece is going to give you information
	that you can act on or choose not to act on. In the end, it is your
	decision and youâ??re on your own with it.

	What to do when they come for the guns. 

	In truth, there are many things you can do about it. Iâ??ll put out
	some information, but Iâ??m not telling you what to do, nor
	advocating doing it.

 1. Have some to â??feedâ?? them if they come: If you bought any
		semiautomatic rifles (erroneously and intentionally termed
		â??assault riflesâ??) thorough Mr. Legal/Western Consumer Marketing
		procedures?  Thereâ??s a record of your purchase â?¦ and that record
		is on file forever.  They will not overlook whatever you
		purchased.  For those â??Davy Crockettâ?? naysayers who will â??defend
		until theyâ??ve breathed their last?â?? Yes, thatâ??s exactly what will
		happen: you will breathe your last. Christopher Dormer was a
		maniac on the run, but in the end, the cabin he holed up in
		burned to the ground â?¦ droned, no doubt. One thing is to â??feedâ??
		them part of what you bought. Concept: â??The Secret of Santa
		Vittoria,â?? with Anthony Quinn â?¦ where the town sacrificed 200,000
		bottles of wine â?¦ to hide a million bottles from the German army
		in WWII.

 2. Disassemble, protect, stash: Take a weapon apart, and break it
		down into its groups â?¦ bolt, barrel, so on. Coat it with
		protectant/oil/grease, wrap it in plastic, and it could be
		stashed where it will not be found.

 3. Cache off-property: self-explanatory, but pick a national forest,
		a state forest, or a remote wilderness area. We have covered
		enough information on caches, and you will have to take the idea
		here and develop it.

 4. Cache on-property: here more care will be exercised, but if you
		follow step #1? Chances are your property will then not be
		searched â?¦ and I donâ??t mean Barney Fife walking around the
		grounds.  Iâ??m talking about teams with metal detectors, combing
		every inch of ground, and probably searching your house as well.

 5. Sewers: Yes, nobody likes going in the sewers â?¦ including the
		cops.  After coating with protectant, wrap in 3 layers of
		waterproof plastic, and attach a line securely and where no one
		can find it or grab it.

 6. Sale or Trade: getting rid of what has been purchased under
		record, and either buying something to replace it or trading for
		it â?¦ outside of Happy Mr. Gun Store-Channels.

 7. Hidden spaces: House or Storage Unit: this would involve either
		some major â??innovationsâ?? in â??home improvementâ?? or utilizing
		existing spaces and structures to accommodate your needs.

	This last one you would have to be especially careful with. The
	detection devices the State will use are not to be taken lightly.
	Iâ??m giving you these ideas for starters. There are more, but Iâ??m
	not going to give you what I would do.