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UK: why 10K+ child rapes "unsolved" in 2 decades? MI5 policy + CIAniggers - [PEACE]

What's a coup-lovin' â??regime changeâ?? regime to do without well
trained "occupation governments" to install post-coup?

UK: Moslems Allowed to Rape, Torture and Kill as Part of Official MI5



  â?¦MI5 informants have been granted legal cover to commit crimes
  within the UK that may include murder, a tribunal into British
  security servicesâ?? alleged criminality has heard.

  The policy, allegedly in place since the early 1990s, would
  potentially allow the Security Service to authorize participation
  in â??murder, torture, sexual assault or other grave criminalityâ?? if
  they believed it was in the public interest, claimed Ben Jaffey QC,
  representing an alliance of human rights groups.

 Again. Repeat after me. The CIAniggers wanted to overthrow somebody
 and install a new occupation government with infiltrated cadres.