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Alpha Release: Katzenpost Mixnet (Reliable Loopix)

Broader participation invited on this one now...

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Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2018
Subject: Alpha Release: Katzenpost Mixnet


We have recently released an alpha version of a mix network (high
latency anonymity) based on the Loopix design [1], as part of a
four-year research project funded by the European Commission.

Loopix uses the Sphinx cryptographic packet format, the Poisson mix
strategy, three kinds of decoy traffic and a stratified mix topology.
Itâ??s Provider architecture forces long term statistical disclosure
attacks to take place on the receiverâ??s Provider, thus forcing such
adversaries to actively compromise Providers instead of passively
observing the mix network which is in contrast to historical mix network

X25519, Noise XX plus NewHope Simple, SURBs, keyservers, reliable out of
order delivery, it's all there!

We are looking for testers of our software (Linux/Mac/Android,
potentially Windows?), and reviewers of our specification documents and
general documentation.


Presentation slides:

We're interested also in extending our research partnerships: There are
still some open questions that we feel like have not been answered yet
by anonymity research, and we hope our framework becomes a valuable
contribution to that space. Get in touch!

Moritz Bartl

[1] The Loopix Anonymity Systemâ??, USENIX 2017,