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Crypto Crackdown: Ross Ulbricht's Life Sentence

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn85-am_JCU

> sorry I should have added this : doug casey is a motehrfucking piece of shit
> - and if judged by his comments about argentina he's completely out of his
> fucking mind. In reality casey is the poster scumbag for fake libertarian
> AND the guy is literally an accomplice of local argie politicians...while
> pretending to be an 'anarchist'.

Regardless, the subject matters of these sorts of crypto-anarchy
videos are just the sort of thing to post on random sheeple's
facebooks / twitters. They need to see the message, learn
why it's important, and begin to pass it on themselves.

Ross will again walk the Earth as a free man.
Pushing and getting distributed private cryptocurrency adopted
will help ensure that. Till then may there be a great many DPR's.

So tell us the true Argentina...