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TIME RUNNING OUT: Privacy about to be criminalized in Australia - [MINISTRY] [PEACE] [CHILLING EFFECTS]

On Mon, 1 Oct 2018 19:59:33 +1000
Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:

> The memes from TDS are free speech.

	Nah, they are vicious trumpist propaganda, KKK propaganda, statist propaganda, fucking christian propaganda and similar garbage.


	"Like it or not, the Christian faith is a fundamental part of White civilization" 

	some more samples

	Christian Slaves, Moslem Masters, Jewish Slave-Runners:
	The Jewish Ritual Murder of White Christian Children
	Muslims Capture 9-Year-Old Christian Girl and Brutally Rape Her for 19 Days
	Moslems Kill Christian Boy in Classroom, Teacher Ignores It
	America No Longer a Majority White Christian Nation
	A Christian Understanding of the Reality of Race
	â??Europe Isnâ??t Christianâ??: Jews Celebrate the Moslem Conquest of London
	Dastardly Anti-Christ Pope Says Trump â??Not a Christianâ?? 
	Cultural Cleansing of Christian Males


	"Most of our readers are Christian, of various denominations, or areligious (perhaps â??cultural Christiansâ??).  Some follow various other religious doctrines.  Most all tend to agree on the core ideological basis of traditional Christianity, even if they do not follow any version of the religion, as the values of western civilization tend to line-up very directly with those of Christianity.

We believe in defending our nations, we believe in defending our families, we believing in removing the degeneracy and debauchery from our societies.  Many people in the world do not agree with these points, and thus it is up to us to come together, and fight together.

If we achieved a Fascist future for White countries..."