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Personal Black Box

Thanks for the TCM solace info. Tim may be in love with another 
person wiser than himself. So, too, Trump's bromantic trim Kim who 
out hair-doed the shaggy dude.

At 12:05 PM 10/1/2018, you wrote:
>I listened to the fresh interview with Tmothy C. May that was linked 
>to on this list not so long ago. Truly fascinating. He seemed to be 
>a calm, nice person nowadays. He didn't get any questions about the 
>1990's rants about "sandniggers" etc.
>2018-10-01 17:12, John Young wrote:
>>Why have gadgets become black boxes when pistols are superior? Best 
>>if only women have open carry pistols, or more powerful hurt tools, 
>>to balance men's physical advantage (strength, money, weaponry, 
>>crime, betrayal, treachery, band of brotherhoods).
>>Gun control for men, enforced by hanging or castration if caught 
>>with a gun, especially military weaponry and WMD, would reduce 
>>predation on women and weaker peoples.
>>Wilson, Assange, Trump and randy dog cult stud-flaunting sex 
>>entrapment is way too slow, rigged by male lawyers to exculpt their kind.
>>Gadgets which instantly killed violators of male gun control and 
>>sexual exploitation would clear out a lot of useless vermin.
>>Tim May's legendary urge to eliminate of useless breeders should 
>>begin at home, by his own loaded, maga-enlarged penile tools. Same 
>>for warmaking POTUSes.