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the origins of Politically Correct euphemisms - and on using the word "Jew"

Well, well, well.  So the Jews invented PC-speech - political correct
speech, or to use their Rabbinical tradition, the building of fences
around fences around prohibitions, to make damn sure that no one
breaks the original statute (Rabbinical prohibition)

That is, they gotta plug the holes in that fence, or eventually the
next inner fence might have someone climbing over it or breaking
through it (unintentionally of course, since the "chosen ones" are so
holy and pure <caugh caugh>) and ultimately then break the original
Jewish, Toranic, or Rabbinical prohibition statute - because Jewish
law is the only thing in the world with any value, of course <ahem!>.

("Chosen ones?" - don't worry, their contract is now broken and the
 world is about to shift.)

For example:

 - pronouncing the original name of God - YHWH or Yahweh - only
   permitted by the most high Rabbi in the rebuilt temple - which
   hasn't happened for a couple thousand years, so The Name (of God)
   is used instead ever since, and since The Name became such a
   connotation of the holy one, many euphemisms, or fences, and
   fences around fences (euphemisms to refer to previous euphemisms)
   have been created over the millenia to refer to The Name

Why? Because even you dare to utter "The Name" in a reference to God,
you might be tempted to actually speak "Yahweh" and thus, by you
lowly evil sin, defile the name of God - I guess they can't say that
you'd defile God, since God/YHWH is of course omnipotent and perfect
and therefore can never be defiled, but logic never seemed to be the
strongest attribute of the power-wielding "elite" in society.

This game is of course an endless and unstoppable cycle for Jews -
putting themselves lower and lower into the dirt and away from
Godliness (only such original sinners could be so lowly as to not
even be permitted to refer to some euphemism which referred to some
euphemism (ad infinitum) which eventually lead back to a reference to
the name of God).

Although one should probably presume that -some- Jews do this
ridiculous linguistic self deprecation dance in "true piousness", I
dare say there are some fundamentally egotistical "I'm so holy I
don't even use the euphemism of the euphemism of the ... of the
reference to The Name (of God)" twats - and effectively indulge their
human idiocy (sins) without realizing it and thereby live the
presumption of incredibly low and evil self ungodliness and thereby
ultimately be an incompetent who excuses evil and proclaims the moral
relativism of every possible action.

Hell, I should know - I'm so humble even the Dalai Llama attends an
hour of my personal humility class when he's feeling a little

Anyway, so Jesus came along, threw the globalists, sorry, I mean
European style socialists - ok, I mean Jewish money changer bankers -
out of the temple, dispensed with the 613 (or 620) Jewish Rabbinical
laws and (re)instituted the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would
have them do unto you, or Love thy Neighbour, as Levicitus would lead

BUT, that's a problem for Jews, since Jesus threw out the statute
(Rabbinical) law - "go first within, for therein is the kingdom of

Or in modern terms, find your own authority within yourself already.

Is there any wonder this rebel was strung up on a cross and blead to
death?  He rocked the establishment and bypassed the hierarchy,
washed a woman's feet and preached (did anything) on the sabbath, so
"shut it down" already!

Create your world folks,

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Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018 12:19:36 +1100
Subject: using the J word

Hi guys,

this is an article by a Jewish author, who encourages us to avoid
using euphemisms for "Jew", since using euphemisms in this case
demonstrates fear of using the word "Jew".

Let's Call Jews 'Jews', and Not Use Silly Euphemisms Like 'Globalist'

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