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>posting unbroken links
>no summary
grarpamp, you are lazier than a mexican nigger from a wealthy la-based
jewish family getting stoned in your pjs at a childhood sleepover after
eating a big bowl of non-fat gluten-free soy ice cream.


For what ?

Bullshit. Niggers can't into malware.


Q: What do African climatologists research ?
A: Ice Sheeeits !
"Climate Change" is the natural state of the "planet". The antarctic
landmass changes by ~60% every year.
"Planet" temperature oscillations increase as overall temperatures decrease.
Check the core samples.

There is none.


They killed Tay for going full 1488 in a day, what do you expect.

Computers record processes, and water is wet.

Commies want your gibs, so they don't have to create anything of their own.

Wuuuuut. A misconfigured server. Oh no !

>gibs me dats click shekels
Not following your links.
Post summary and insights or gtfo.
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