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[MINISTRY] - was [ PFKR ] [Ally with this Nazi enabler at your own peril] Cloudflare's CEO has a plan to never censor hate speech again


Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince caught with his porno-copyright
infringing pants down :D

"Cloudflare Doesnâ??t Want Daily Stormer Mentioned at Their Porno
Copyright Trial"

but, as the porno-purrveying kitty coutrement click-crazy mammalian
reproduction studios have complained in plain pleadings as plaintiffs
against Cloudflare, Prince privately proclaimed in perfectly
protective zeal that he'd only ever block people with a court order.

Then WHAM, this one time, in the morning (literally), Prince woke up
with a bad mood up his twatter and banned, shock horror,

  NEO-NAZI White Supremacist website, The Daily Stormer

from the internet!

So the porn pushers pumped air for pompous joy and brought an action
against Clouflare.

Good times :)

On Tue, Dec 05, 2017 at 08:43:23AM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Cloudflare seems to start to take steps towards actual freedom of
> speech, and Lauren â??Tha Kangâ?? Weinstein promptly declares censorship
> martial law.
> Way to go Lauren! That's just so, cypherpunk of you Lauren - a few
> suggestions for this new censorship regime proposed by Lauren:
>  - Lauren's Law
>  - Lauren can censor 'cause Lauren Kang's the greatest
>  - Lauren "Just call me flipper", promoting freedom when it suits
>    â??himâ??, as long as the huwaite boys don't exercise said freedom
> One wonders if "Tha Kang" has ever heard the phrase "the solution to
> bad speech is not censorship, but more free speech".
>  The world:
>  â??My, what an big (((tribal))) frenzy you've got going
>   there Lauren...â??
>  Tha Kang:
>  â??But but, muh holocaust!  And you just couldn't understand
>  anyway, since --your-- grand pa was not turned into a lamp
>  shade you insensitive clod!â??
> Here is today's sad, completely unredacted email from Lauren Tha
> Kang Weinstein (since he did say to forward it immediately...):
> ----- Forwarded message from "PFKR (People For Kangz Raging) Announcement List" <pfkr at pfkr.org> -----
> To: pfkr-list at kangz.org
> Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 09:13:42 -0800
> Subject: [ PFKR ] [Ally with this Nazi enabler at your own peril] Cloudflare's CEO has a plan to never censor hate
> 	speech again
> [Ally with this Nazi enabler at your own peril] Cloudflare's CEO has a
> plan to never censor hate speech again
> https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/12/cloudflares-ceo-has-a-plan-to-never-censor-hate-speech-again/
> 	Prince is working to develop relationships with digital rights
> 	groups like EFF and New America so that he gets more "air
> 	cover" the next time he faces pressure to censor controversial
> 	content. Vocal support from groups like EFF and New America,
> 	he hopes, will cause major Cloudflare customers to think twice
> 	before pressuring the company to get into the censorship
> 	business.
>  - - -
> "Free speech" organizations that ally with this demented Nazi enabler
> (whom I think personally turned my grand pappy into a human leather
> lamp shade) will find themselves subjected to the same pushback FROM
> THA KANG MOFO!, and their officials may perhaps end up sharing the
> same cells in up state Jew York.  The "free speech" landscape has
> changed permanently with the election of a Nazi (or if you prefer,
> Nazi sympathizer) to the Oval Office, and the old rules no longer can
> be permitted to apply, so get out your guns and pitchforks folks, we
> need a true American revolution on the streets, like NOW already -
> don't stop till the last Nazi drops!  And then FINALLY the chosen
> bastards will be free to be ourselves in this great country.
> And if you're not quite sure who the --true-- Nazi's are, just
> instagram me a pic and I'll get back to you inside of a minute bro.
> --Lauren--
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