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Request to mailing list cryptography rejected

On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 4:53 PM, juan <juan.g71 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> It's theirs to do, and voluntary, so fork and unsub.

>         'own' the list ...and... the people in it

These two are independant here, as they are free to voluntarily
disembark from the owner without recourse and to subsequently
create, join, and do whatever they want, or not. If the owner were
to shoot the expats, then your conjunction would apply,
unless being suicided was their voluntary choice.

The forkers might also option to collect and message
the non-lurker posters directly with invitations to leave,
import the archives, sub the fork to list, the posters to
the fork, etc.

If the owner were to shoot a clone yet free list operating
off their shores, that would be war.

As to whether...

- any one / group can successfully bend a stubborn
owner without physical violence, say even to purchase / carve
a place from that where all places are owned...

- to "liberate", give education and charity to owned
(whether they be happy unknowing sheeple, placated
by free tv / weed / facebook, or even under compliance
regimes up to actively being unfree to leave and shot)...

You all can discuss.

>> Knowledge, skills, and property should be passed on,
>> not censored, chained, and stolen.
>         tell that to the censors....if they allow you to =)

Sent them bunch of links to where they could find their
Poe and other books they were afraid to link to, they
replied to that with...

"Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator."

Some of their subs are here, now they know, good luck.