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PragerU v. Google - YouTube should be held to free speech laws, not discretion

Tucker Carlson: "When a small group of billionaires shuts down
speech, the Left applauds!"

And a Charlestown "survivor" who is now CEO of some black lives jewed
"corporation" that he "founded" puts a succinct and <ahem>cogent
response - Tucker got destroyed in this interview (a rare moment


 Tucker ASSAULTS YouTube Headquarters with a FULLY-SEMI AUTOMATIC
 AR-15 and UPLOADS the VIDEO

'tube direct:

On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 10:20:57AM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> This censorship in America is heating up - RT and Sputnik banned from
> advertising on Twitter as we know, Alex Jones' wings have been
> clipped - no more livestreaming on Facebook for him, and another hard
> core "right"ist Roger Stone has been permanently banned from Twitter.
> The irony of Hillary Clinton and others actually calling for the
> military droning murder of Julian Assange, and NOT getting banned
> from Twitter leads to Ministry hypocrisy the likes of which could
> cause a snowflake's stomach to churn.
> Alas, this is the war we are in.
> The media-corporate complex has declared war on free speech and Trump
> mustnâ??t remain silent
> http://theduran.com/the-corporate-media-complex-has-declared-war-on-free-speech-and-trump-mustnt-remain-silent/
> While Donald Trump has clearly surrendered to the military-industrial
> complex, he still could and should fight the media-corporate complex.