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Plebbit Jewtube Embark On Talmudic Censorship, CJOUD Act Acidless Spinaltap

> juan juan.g71
> Thu Mar 22 02:21:13 PDT 2018

> why do you think joos thrive
And the Holocaust lie.
6 million Germans were killed.

> a fascist cesspool
Abrahamic religions are like this.
What a shame.

> pretend he's not "white"
Mexican Spanish speakers tend to think this, too.

> "blacks" were first slaves
By other "blacks".
Using the court system to enforce.
And were enslaved beside a larger Celtic population.
This is how rock n roll music developed.
Celtic folk rhythm + African folk bass.
And, eventually, breakdance.

> moved to concentration camps
Projects or Public School ?

> third category 'citizens'
After who, jewz and muzlimz ?

There are currently three classes:
1st Class: Jews
2nd Class: People of "Color"
3rd Class: "Whites"

"Whites" are true "people of color".
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