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Fwd: [Cryptography] Intel trump-ets "walls" to defeat Spectres

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From: Henry Baker <hbaker1 at pipeline.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 3:19 PM
Subject: [Cryptography] Intel trump-ets "walls" to defeat Spectres
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FYI --


Advancing Security at the Silicon Level

Hardware-based Protection Coming to Data Center and PC Products Later this Year

By Brian Krzanich

In addressing the vulnerabilities reported by Google Project Zero
earlier this year, Intel and the technology industry have faced a
significant challenge.  Thousands of people across the industry have
worked tirelessly to make sure we delivered on our collective
priority: protecting customers and their data.  I am humbled and
thankful for the commitment and effort shown by so many people *around
the globe*.  And, I am reassured that when the need is great,
companies â?? and even competitors â?? will work together to address that
we are making changes to our hardware design to further address the
other two.  We have redesigned parts of the processor to introduce new
levels of protection through *partitioning* that will protect against
both Variants 2 and 3.  Think of this partitioning as additional
"protective walls" between applications and user privilege levels to
create an obstacle for bad actors.


We're sorry that this has taken so long, but Intel needed to "nerd
harder" to redesign our backdoors and provide new niches where we
could hide the keys for the housekeeping maids & gardeners.  These
backdoors & niches improve *your* security, by allowing these
hard-working folks to keep a watchful eye out for "bad actors".

Our IP lawyers have also been working overtime to come up with words
and phrases that make what we're doing appear novel enough to build a
patent wall against AMD and ARM.  We're hopeful that they've now

Our researchers in India and Pakistan have assured us that these novel
"partitions" will provide the safety and security blanket that our
customers have become accustomed to from Intel.

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