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[Cryptography] You guys do realize the first crypto war was lost, right?

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 12:09 PM, Ryan Carboni <ryacko at gmail.com> wrote:
> There is evidence that since 1997, we have been buying chips with secret
> features that would make our computers more secure, but have been denied to
> us as a de facto backdoor right?
> There is the reverse of the clipper chip. Except the silicon and the API to
> access it is secret, as opposed to only the API.

Here's the latest expose of secret features...

> It is hard to come to any other conclusion that pro-cryptography civil
> libertarians are anything other than clowns when Zerodium pays up to $10,000
> for router exploits. You know. Routers, the ones with 128-bit WPA encryption
> with shared secrets for multiple devices? I suppose people won't "wittingly"
> buy backdoored products.

Many people, even here, seem to "wantonly" deny the solutions described
within, even as one of many solutions. So instead of starting up those entirely
new open models, they continue game supporting / buying closed with Zerodium
like startup... aka: govts / etc. No reduction of root problem there.

> The good news is that bruteforcing 128-bit encryption with a classical
> computer is that it would cost 2^56 times as much as gross bitcoin mining
> expenditures. Somehow estimated bitcoin mining expenditures don't seem to
> add up though, shouldn't intelligence agencies be able to crack 2^80
> encryption with ASICs? Currently costs several billion to preimage at 2^73
> complexity.

research: govt electricity bills