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[MINISTRY] TEDxBrussels organizer drags presenter off stage during anti-censorship talk

And POW! We have a yuge hit straight back from the Marxist left:

Animal farm's "more equal than others" TEDx Brussels' organiser walks
onstage and literally drags female artist Deborah De Robertis, the
presenter of this talk, offstage, tearing her shirt and exposing her
in the process as she attempted to speak to censorship "focussing on
girl power."

<ahem> May be TEDx should present a talk addressing the issue of
       censorship, perhaps with a focus on women? <oh wait/>

This talk, on censorship, was literally titled "Brave New World"!

Ms De Robertis apparently included at least one nude photo in her
presentation, triggering the trigger happy triggered snowflake TEDx
organiser into a frenzy of triggered shirt-tearing, in his successful
attempt to drag her offstage to avoid further triggering.

The audience (accordingly loudly clapping) presumed this was all a
wonderfully elaborate and apropos piece of performance art conducted
in pursuit of promptu ex-temporo demonstratio, ultimately were left
with a rather sour milk taste in their mouths once the truth of the
censorship, mid talk on this censorship talk, became abhorrent, I
mean apparent.

Wow, the right has taken a serious hit here folks!

The Irony: TEDx Presenter Censored During TEDx Censorship Conference

This 'tube is just a slideshow with a bit of text stating the above:
TEDxBrussels\ organizer\ drags\ presenter\ off\ stage\ during\ anti-censorship\ talk-6fCPCSieJtY

So waiting for a leak or the original of this dastardly attack on
free speech about the issue of censorship.