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alex jones

	I never paid much attention to the guy - he seemed mostly a fake
	libertarian clown (americunt nationalist,  jew-christian
	nutcase) but lately I caught a couple of interesting bits from

	He comments on the idea that technical 'progress' will allow
	the oligarchy to become some sort of cyborg-like entities with
	let's say undefined life spans. Jones even mentioned clarke's
	"childhood's end", which is a rather impressive display of
	literary knowledge for jew-christian white-trash like him.

	now, of course, the possibility of technical cyber
	totalitarianism isn't exactly new. It is well documented in
	works like Brave New World and 1984. 

	So what role does alex jones play then? well listen to this : 


	it seems that jones' job is to turn reality into a nutcase
	'conspiracy theory'. What's really going on is that indeed the
	oligarchy wants to become 'immortal' and possibly get rid of
	90.99999% of the human race. But if that very real possibility
	is discussed by a nutcase like jones babbling about 'aliens' and
	'pedophiles' and '12 dimensions' 'interdimensional stuff' etc
	then the very real threat of a world government with the
	ability to track all the microchiped, tax cattle in realtime
	becomes the 'stuff' that ignorant morons who watch alex jones

	in short,  motherfucking retard alex jones is just  controlled