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The 600+ non-PayPal entities PayPal shares data with

-------- Original message --------From: grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> Date: 3/5/18  12:56 AM  (GMT-08:00) To: Cypherpunks <cypherpunks at lists.cpunks.org> Subject: Re: The 600+ non-PayPal entities PayPal shares data with 
On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 12:34 PM, g2s <g2s at riseup.net> wrote:
> https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/ua/third-parties-list

Privacy coins have provided a general solution to that problem.

Paypal will be effectively dead within five years,
dumped by ebay and obsoleted by crypto.
Good fucking riddance.

The only advantage to paypal, that they eliminated a long while back, was the ability to mail cash to them to put on one's  account, cirumventing credit card tracking.
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