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False Flag Fagg: Florida Man Edition

Previously, on 24:

+Politician and Police want to have a second high profile shooting in
their county and meet to select date/time. (http://archive.is/hkpKO)

+Alphabet Soup gets a tip on a "suspicious comment" that N. Cruuz made
about wanting to be a "professional pool pooter". They leave him in
place to become the patsy. (http://archive.is/eU9Az)

+Teachers receive training and are notified a simulated incident will
occur. (http://archive.is/pJeMy#selection-2671.0-2671.178)

Feb 14:

+Students at Majority Stoned at High School have an evacuation drill in
the morning. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFly5Ut5Jag)

+Cruuz shows up on campus via an Uber Taxi for unknown

+Hired team of 2-3 pooters goes into the pool and frills kids with Cruuz
on campus. (https://youtu.be/zlhMGWyT_uU)

+Girl sees Cruuz during the evacuation and speaks to him while hearing
thots fired elsewhere on campus.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R39tNfv_fg )

+For unknown reasons, hired pooters fail to execute Cruuz and stage his

+Students are evacuated and Cruuz leaves campus in the shuffle. ( See
Girl interview above ).

+Cruuz does not know the poorlice are after him and decides to go get
something to eat at McDonald's/Subway without knowing he is the

+Glow-in-the-darks arrest him as he walks down a residential street on
his way home. (http://archive.is/8MfoN)

Feb 15:

+Cruuz is presented with a plea bargain that will let him avoid the
wreath penalty and avoid and real investigation/trial.

+Cruuz pleads guilty to 17 counts of premeditated homocide even though
he has not frilled anyone.

Feb 16:

+Demolition of Majority Stoned at High School in Parkinglot, Fl is
announced to cover up the scene of the crime. (http://archive.is/p6UIl)

Pic related.
Is the son of spook in "crisis staging".
Give up your firearms, goy.
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