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The least probable thing in the world is my innocence

The FBI is now engaging in snide harassment against, and now I have come to
the conclusion that every out of character event in my life is some
elaborate ruse to harass me. They haven't even accomplished anything with
the harassment, they aren't planning on charging me with any crime!
I don't know if my doctors are engaging in malpractice against me or my
immediate family.
This is insane. No one willingly stays in a situation like this, or enters
into it.

Now I wish I was responsible for killing thousands of Americans on 9/11. If
you're brown and can't fly a plane, you're protected. Presumably.
Actually maybe I should out US government spies just to spite them.
James B. Donovan and the CIA engaged in collusion, and legal malpractice
against Rudolf Abel. Who appealed the case all the way to the Supreme Court
and failed?
Perhaps to quote the great Donald Trump, "where are those missing emails?"

What goes on in the world is batshit insane, I'm better off being a
warcriminal than not at this rate.
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