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Republicans hope to release 'jaw-dropping' memo on surveillance abuses

On 23/01/2018 14:05, juan wrote:
> 	yes, that app is blessed by right wing christians from fox and
> 	by left wing jews from google so it's doubly infinitely blessed
> 	- it's a supreme combination of american blessing
> 	now, as to the "jaw dropping revelations" from the
> 	rethuglicans, maybe they are going to comment on they failure
> 	to execute snowden and assange and explain that they continue
> 	 working on it? Ask the progressives for help of course. The
> 	 progressive are very keen in exterminating all russian spies
> 	 like snowden and assange.

We already know what is in the memo - that the FBI was corruptly working 
with Obama and Clinton to spy on Trump, that it was not the Russians 
that got the dirt on the Clintons, but rather insider betrayal that 
ratted them out to wikileaks, that this was known when the fake 
investigation to frame Trump for cooperating with Russian spying on the 
Clintons was launched.

That the FBI, CIA, DoJ, and State Department have been spying on "right 
wing" politicians, where the definition of "right wing" has been rapidly 
expanding, so that it now covers any republican that does not reliably 
vote with Democrats.