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Parallel Construction: Secret Surveillance From NSA to DEA SOD / FBI, Blatantly 100s of Cases


To search the vehicle without revealing the phone calls as their
original source, DEA agents set up an elaborate ruse.

Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend were stopped at a traffic light. As
the light turned green, the car in front of them started to move and
then stopped quickly. Alverez-Tejeda braked in time, but a truck
rear-ended him. As Alverez-Tejeda inspected the damage, police arrived
and arrested the truck driver for drunken driving. Officers instructed
Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend to drive their car to a parking lot,
leave the keys in the car, and sit in the police cruiser for
processing. Just then, a car thief jumped into Alverez-Tejedaâ??s car
and drove off. Police recovered the car, obtained a search warrant,
and found cocaine and methamphetamine.
Other than Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend, every person involved in
this piece of theater was a DEA agent or local police officer: the
person driving the car in front of Alverez-Tejedaâ??s, the â??drunkâ?? truck
driver, even the supposed car thief.

In a case Human Rights Watch discovered, security video at a New
Mexico bus station showed a DEA agent illegally searching luggage left
on a Greyhound bus during a layover. When passengers returned, the DEA
agent asked for consent to search

â??A growing body of evidence suggests that the federal government is
deliberately concealing methods used by intelligence or law
enforcement agencies to identify or investigate suspects â?? including
methods that may be illegal,â?? the report states. â??It does so by
creating a different story about how agents discovered the
information, and as a result, people may be imprisoned without ever
knowing enough to challenge the potentially rights-violating origins
of the cases against them.â??

â??Justice cannot rest on secret evidence, and the shadows are where
abuses flourish,â??

USA on HRW list, lol.