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Astra Linux: Russian MOD's OS transition replacing Microsoft Windows

So the Russian MOD is making a sensible move, and unlike the
schizophrenic Germans who are 10 inches deep with the (((Federal
Reserve Banking System))), the Russian's approach such tasks like

One shakes one's head that it's taken the Russkies this long, but
better late than never, and this will undoubtedly effect all future
software based MOD procurements - a very good thing for the domestic
Russian software industry - economic, engineering and other
efficiencies over the medium to long term; ZeroHedge prediction:
"Long, Russian economy to lead the world, inside 5 years".

Astra Linux is a Russian domestic GNU/Linux OS.

Thankfully they're also going with LibreOffice and not some virtual
machine with Windows inside solution, so now all my s00p3r s33cr37
memos no longer have to be Saved-As into a dodgy Microsoft format
before passing on to the MOD :)

Looks like Kaspersky will continue to be Linux-compatible.

Apparently they consider this transition a security issue - who
would've thought :D

Russian Ministry of Defense ditches Microsoft Windows system
January 13, 2018 - FRN - 
Rusvesna - translated by Inessa Sinchougova
  â??The new OS will also be loaded on all special service smartphones
  and tablets.â??