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Cypherpunks Predictions For 2018...


Also, second crypto decade, may see move away from
ASIC coins, users may consider ASIC as too central risky vs
their ability with CPU/GPU coin to outnumber central by throwing
all their home systems as global collective hive against such
recognized opponent... an auto random mining redistribution
enabled by fast flexible distributed independant commodity boxes.
Alternatively, ASIC become an open specification all may
freely non profitly fab and buy, yet still lesser likely since ASIC
traditional narrow / hard / profit business, not morphable to match
speed of crypto change or allocation among all desired coin algos.
Ultimately, users (all utxo owners) must somehow directly
and collectively retain 51%, else collusion / M&A among
the sum of other entities can prevail. A few closed ASICS
and a few closed mining corps composing over 51%, not good.
Expect new coinspace talk / competition on this and other risks.