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Personal attacks etc (was Re: USA: National Security Strategy...)

>>> 	Now  what about you applying your racial science to the thieves
>>> 	in wall street?

>> That the thieves on wall street are predominantly Jewish, most
>> notoriously Bernie Madoff, former Chairman of the NASDAQ stock market,
>> is well known.

On 1/9/2018 5:02 AM, \0xDynamite wrote:
> It's unfair to Jews to classify these people as "jews".  I think it's
> mostly anti-semitic overgeneralization.  If they don't believe in the
> story of Moses and GOD himself, they aren't really Jews, and they
> shouldn't call themselves Jews.  It's like Africans in England calling
> themselves "slaves".

Fair enough.  Certainly religious Jews do not cause the problems that 
secular Jews cause.

Religious Jews tend to be unsympathetic to non Jews, but you don't see 
them defrauding non Jews.

When the diamond trade was in the hands of religious Jews, worked fine. 
When it became "diverse", went to hell in a handbasket.

However, religious Jews have departed a long way from the religion 
founded by Moses, Solomon, and Mattathias.  Judaism is a religion of 
exile.  Judaism needs to return from exile. Judaism needs to give a lot 
more attention to the final commandment, and a lot less to boiling a 
young goat in its mother's milk, needs restore the Temple and the Kohen 
of the line of Mattathias.  If Judaism became once again a religion of 
Israel, rather than exile, if the Pharisees hung up their hats and 
declared their job done and over with the restoration of the temple, 
Judaism would be far less irritating to non Jews.

Judaism is an obnoxious religion (though genuine Jewish believers are 
massively under represented among criminals, even in the crime of white 
collar fraud) because its exilic nature makes it hostile and angry.  The 
religion has a permanent chip on its shoulder.  Jews have returned. 
Judaism needs to return.

Religious Jews are still pissed about the temple, which theoreticaly 
they want back.  Actually they do not want it back because of the 
theological implications.  They could easily take it back, but would 
rather have something to be permanently pissed about.

They need to take back the Temple and return to the Judaism of Mattathias.