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Personnel attacks, etc.

> Steve Kinney admin at pilobilus.net
> Sun Jan 7 17:42:05 PST 2018

> "racists" are losers
Anyone who identifies or segregates by color, e.g., "White" or "Black",
is a low intelligence "racist".  Any added "hate" is called bigotry, not

> 2017's big recruitment push
You mean 'discredit nắtionalism campaign'.

> alt-R�ich
R�ich means realm, or kingdom.
Guess you're not a Queensrÿche fan.

> ended in ignominious defeat
You provide no examples.  So you must be full of shit.

> leadership
Every "rally" and "protÌ?est" organizer, just like every "leader", is
Já¸?wish.  Your attempts to associate them, or the "altÌ?-rytÌ?e" in
general, with the actions of the NSDÄ?Ì?P or Wá¸?hrmacht Gá¸?rmany are delusional.

> "white" trash
I see. You are paid to shill here like jnn, cecilia, marina, and juan.
You glow-in-the-darks couldn't be more obvious with your "white" "hate"

> Charlottesville
Where a group of American J�ws "rallied" to prevent "J�ws" from
"replace[ing] us".
Where an intelligence assá¸?t drove a vehicle into a crowd of Ä?Ì£ommies
(using his brakes).
Where an overweight Ä?Ì£ommie suffered a heart attack and died (fat-free,
high-sugar diets do that).
Did I get that correct?

> a continued commitment to failure
You must fail often to succeed sooner.
I guess you are a quitter.

> Neó̩AÅ?hkenázi/K(f)K(b)K(i)
Your assertions about nationálism are as accurate as Rayzer's
predictions about the 'Juggalo March on Wáshington', where the Juggalos
joined the "Pro-TrÇ?mp" rally in solidarity with frá¸?e-speá¸?ch.

You should familiarize yourself with EgyptÌ?ian mythology (and history).
It would help you not make such shit observations of reality.

I am beginning to think you are like pic related.

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