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Anarchocrapitalism, "libertardianism", et al.

On 1/8/2018 2:18 AM, juan wrote:
> 	It means that you will get automatically droned because of the
> 	racist garbage you spew. And before being droned all your
> 	'property' will be automatically seized.
> 	And do you know who owns and controls the electronic
> 	infrastructure to spy on and drone racist retards like you? Are
> 	you able to take a half an educated guess? Why, the
> 	infrastructure to drone retards like you is onwed by the all
> 	white supreme scum eric schmidt (pure aryan nazi) and the
> 	mostly white supreme scum fuckerberg and all the rest of the
> 	non-black non-brwon supreme ruling 'aristocracy'.

You imagine yourself as one of the guards in the Khmer Rouge killing 
fields, but recollect what happened to those guards.