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Anarchocrapitalism, "libertardianism", et al.

-------- Original message --------From: juan <juan.g71 at gmail.com> Date: 1/6/18  9:02 AM  (GMT-08:00) To: cypherpunks at lists.cpunks.org Subject: Re: Anarchocrapitalism, "libertardianism", et al. 
On Sat, 6 Jan 2018 19:31:49 +1000
jamesd at echeque.com wrote:

> On 1/6/2018 5:55 PM, juan wrote:
> > On Sat, 6 Jan 2018 17:21:29 +1000
> > jamesd at echeque.com wrote:
> > 
> >> On 1/6/2018 2:40 PM, juan wrote:
> >>> 	"The Size of the Bank Bailout: $29 Trillion "
> >>> 	https://www.cnbc.com/id/45674390
> >>
> >> The reason the banks needed to be bailed out was affirmative action
> >> lending,
> > 
> > 	stop lying, scum
> I was in Sunnyvale, which was ground zero of the Great Minority
> Mortgage Meltdown:  Almost every dud mortgage in Silicon valley, as
> near to all of them as makes no difference, was a loan to a non
> white, usually a recent immigrant, frequently illegal, usually with
> poor English or no English.

I met a WHITE waitress whose job and her parent's credit garnered her a 300k mortgage on a house in the Santa Cruz mountains in the late 90s. First time she needed to see a doctor for a yeast infection or somesuch her white picket fence dream went bye bye fershure.
Further, At LEAST 90% of all those junk mortgages were used to buy investment properties which the owners attempted to pay down by leasing and renting, and later airbnb-ing them, driving up housing costs nationwide.
Iow you dont have the vaguest fucking idea what youre talking about and youre spewing racist nonsense because thats all you really know. Racist. Nonsense.
Ps. The only reason i saw your idiocy at all was because it was quoted by Juan. Your posts have been junkfiled for months.

(Juan continues )
	lawl - all the shit you make up as you go is even more
	absurd than 'jesus existence' - you are a compulsive scammer
	(what else would you expect from a thief)

	no doubt all the white scum who 'flipped' houses were actually
	brown, homeless  and didn't speak english.


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