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ioerror again...

I agree with this. He tried to rectify his mistake and was lynched for it.
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	To sum up, jacob appelbaum was getting 100k US dollars per year
	from the pentagon to promote the fake anonimity network known
	as tor. Tor is used by the pentagon to attack what they (tor
	and the pentagon) call 'repressive regimes' - for instance,
	promoting coups in the middle east, and marketing them as
	the "arab spring" 

	"Tor, Anonymity, and the Arab Spring: An Interview with Jacob

	Apparently at some point appelbaum took a less corrupt stance
	regarding his employers, said something along the lines of "tor
	is compromised" and was promptly lynched by his feminazi 'ex'
	comrades. It is 'interesting' to see how the pentagon deals
	with traitors. A swift 'extra judicial' progressive lynching. 
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