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Bradley Manning Is a Free Man: His Heroism Has Expanded Beyond His Initial Whistleblowing

The correct title is "Chelsea Manning Is a Free Woman: Her Heroism Has
Expanded Beyond Her Initial Whistleblowing".

Oh, dear, you don't need to thank me for the correction.  It's always
a pleasure to help people with problems for reading and understanding
texts!  It happens with me too!  :D

Hey, here in my country, only losers and egocentrics use "Dr." before
their name in their public email addresses.  Technically, I can sign
"Dr. Cecilia Tanaka", but it would simply sound pretentious and
useless.  If you need to say you are a "Dr." in a cypherpunks list,
your self-esteem must be ridiculous and you need urgent psychological
support.  Here your knowledge and your curiosity are more important
than empty titles.

Please, worry more about your own dick instead crying because of
Chelsea's penis, name, gender, skin colour, etc.  This woman is a
heroine.  I don't care whether is a girl or a boy, but this amazing
person, so young, so fragile and so brave, changed the world and
deserves my complete respect and my most sincere wishes of happiness
and peace.

I loved Bradley and now I love Chelsea the same.  When you love
someone, you respect their choices, their personality, and in special
their happiness.  You don't need to love her, but respect her.  All
the human beings deserve respect.