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Advice, please, any and all accepted

> A timeless quote:
>    "this truth, in order to force a way to man's consciousness, had
>    to struggle not merely against the obscurity with which it was
>    expressed and the intentional and unintentional distortions
>    surrounding it, but also against deliberate violence, which by
>    means of persecutions and punishments sought to compel men to
>    accept religious laws authorized by the rulers and conflicting
>    with the truth."
> And todays statutes could be considered the modern religion - the
> dictates of the priests of the courts (judges/magistrates), enforced
> by armed thugs controlled by the king/rulers, and all paid for by our
> own taxes paid by actual consent (notwithstanding threats of court,
> potential jail, and all the surrounding fear)!

The criticism of anarchy is solid, Zeenen.  The dissolution of the
current State also soundly based.  Can you not see that your bias
constitutes a religion?

>    Religion - that tool reinvented throughout the ages.
>    to control the masses, for the benefit of the few.

This is mostly proslytization from the Marxists.  The truth is the
truth.  If people came from God you have to accept that.  No amount of
fossil record will dissuade the wo/man who remembers the Truth.

> And Marxos, perhaps this quote will remind us all that there's
> nothing new under the sun, but also, there is much cause for hope
> when we can chuckle with the "inspired" thoughts of "enlightened ones
> from the past" - just gotta watch my ego though :/

If there were nothing new, the universe would have died out ages ago
from entropy.  But no, consciousness interacts with energy use to
produce INFORMATION.  And that means new ORDER.  That order holds back
the hot death that would otherwise be the fate of the universe.  Isn't
it interesting that that novelty is working now to teach you?

The idea of the ones who "get it" about government, to sit around like
Fidel Castro and smoke the big cigar for the rest of the days is also
without merit.

Until there is at least mutual understanding in the value and the
danger of both, there is no hope of resolution.

>    _The aim of the sinless One consists in acting without causing
>    sorrow to others, although he could attain to great power by
>    ignoring their feelings._
> (Note: It is easy to not agree with all the quotes in this letter of
> Tolstoy, but those he included may be useful food for thought.)
> Stating the obvious in nicely concise ways is a great start:
>    In former times the chief method of justifying the use of violence
>    and thereby infringing the law of love was by claiming a divine
>    right for the rulers

I think this is heresay.  If there is any "law" of love, it would be
in the Bible, would it not?  Or do you think you have the capacity to
create love and life force on your own?