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Paul Carr leaves PandoDaily a note on the dresser and no cab fare...

"For years, I've â??called outâ?? Silicon Valley's â??bad applesâ??, but by the
start of 2017 it was impossible to distinguish maggot from apple from
the rotting barrel itself. My workdays were an endless perp walk of
sociopaths, psychopaths and criminals with names like (Pando investor)
Peter Thiel, Travis Kalanick, Emil Michael, Palmer Luckey, and Gurbaksh
Chahal â?? not to mention their enablers and co-conspirators like Paul
Graham and Sam Altman, Rachel Whetstone and Steve Hilton, Joe Lonsdale,
Arianna Huffington, Shervin Pishevar, and a thousand more like them.

Never mind that actually writing about these clammy-palmed monsters
frequently made me want to punch a wall. Sometimes merely glancing at
tech headlines was enough to make me feel physically unwell. (As I was
writing that last sentence, Sarah called over to me: â??Hey, did you hear
about this Memphis tech exec accused of multiple rapes?â?? I had not.)

Please understand I'm not being hyperbolic when I say â??physically
unwell.â??  Around the time America's tech royalty made its pilgrimage to
Trump Tower, I suddenly stopped sleeping through the night..."

In full with lottsa links: https://pando.com/2017/04/28/quitting-swamp/