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Fwd: [apc.members] OpenVPN

> Steve Kinney admin at pilobilus.net
> Sat Apr 15 09:43:14 PDT 2017
> A real VPN connection routes all network traffic from the machine in
> question through a remote host via an encrypted connection.  
> A browser-based "vpn connection" is no such thing.  It only routes 
> the browser's own traffic through a remote host - IF it works, and 
> UNTIL it is compromised by an exploit hosted on a site the
> user visits.  
> It leaves the system wide open to multiple families of side
> channel attacks, and if your security model includes State and
> Corporate actors as potential adversaries, that's not a hypothetical
> or acceptable risk.

Tor Browser in a nutshell, eh, vpnanon?
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