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What is the value of the State?

>> How does anarchy provide the high-level of organization needed to
>> produce a car?
> Humans have this funny habit of organising themselves, through
> conversation into action, to meet actual needs or desires. "Social
> animals" and all..
> Seriously, the problem is not, has never been and never will be, lack
> of self-interest motivation to create trinkets and "wealth", sadly.

Yet, they haven't "self-organized" to come together and FIX the
problem in their own self-interest, have they?  So there either is an
error in the analysis or there is some EXISTENTIALLY OTHER force that
prevents it that is not of this world --otherwise they would come
together and knock it down.  But because of it's other-dimensional
nature, it is completley "invisibile" to them or unfamiliar, and don't
know how to approach the problem.