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WhatsApp Jacked


A terrorist's WhatsApp message has been decrypted "using techniques
that 'cannot be disclosed for security reasons', though 'sources said
they now have the technical expertise to repeat the process in
future.'" The Economic Times reports: U.K. security services have
managed to decode the last message sent out by Khalid Masood before he
rammed his high-speed car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and
stabbed to death a police officer at the gates of Parliament on March
22. The access to Masood's message was achieved by what has been
described by security sources as a use of "human and technical

The issue of WhatsApp's encrypted service, which is closed to anyone
besides the sender and recipient, had come under criticism soon after
the attack. "It's completely unacceptable. There should be no place
for terrorists to hide. We need to make sure that organisations like
WhatsApp, and there are plenty of others like that, don't provide a
secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other," U.K. home
secretary Amber Rudd had said.
Security sources say the message showed the victim's motive was
military action in Muslim countries, while the article adds that
though ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, "no evidence has
emerged to back this up."