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[hackerspaces] Mastodon?

> Most of us were out working jobs and creating cool shit.

No you weren't.  I'm not trolling.  First of all, you totally avoided
my point about server-client separation.  Let's see, what do you
suppose is happening?  Are you sending prerendered gifs back to the
client that the node "server" has computed for your "cool shit"?  And
then what, Chrome is integrating it somehow on the fly in your window
without a page reload?  Utter horseshit.

Commercial Javascript sites are nearly entirely about locking in
clicks and eliminating out-bound links?   Is that the "cool shit" you
All you're doing is turning the web into an extension of the magazine
media empire!   I'll bet you $100 that you don't even know what the
value of the internet is..., eh? (Hint:  It's not cool UX, which btw
you had with OSs in the 1980s).  Please do inform, I am curious as

Javascript is so bogus as an actual computer language, that the only
thing javascript is creating is shitty programmers.  "But it's
creating so much cool shit!"  is the rallying cry of those who like
the financiers (who -- just like the JS counterparts -- didn't know
any monetary policy) who said about the banks: "But they're too big to

Most of the cool Javascript stuff are experiments that would have been
better off AS AN APP.  Hardly any of them use the depth of the
internet, so get them off of it. Get it?  AN APP.  An app.  an app.

Perhaps, you along with some others, would be better informd by
reading the [[jabbascript]] page on the wiki.

> Certainly that's what I've been up to.  I mean shit dude.  What have YOU
> been up to.

Well, I told you what I've been up to -- adding massive content to the
wiki, so that people in every day towns can start making things happen
with their community.  But in the end it will all be useless if people
don't get their shit together and stop co-opting the potential of the
internet with bullshit media glam.

Oh and, btw, is that Lewis Scolnick in your photo on the wiki
homepage?  Cool.  Send him to the radio enthusiasts page.  I've even
got a formula for calculating max radio power needed for any desired

I mean, creating cool SHIT, you say.  Does that mean that you're
refrigerating feces?  I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, but it
comes out a little... soft.  Yeah, that's it, soft.