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FBI Arrests Former Trader For Stealing High Frequency Trading Code

This is rather brilliant. (at least the public marketing of the concept)

Based on my observation of Bitcoin/Altcoins this has been deployed 
for 2-3 years and is really 'good' at redistributing wealth from
naive anarcho-cypto believers and giving it to capital owners.

On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 10:46:09AM -0700, Razer wrote:
> Note: It's in the wild folks (or part of it), and being used for 'good'!
> See: http://publicdissentiment.org/
> > Public Dissentiment is an online tool that helps protesters negatively
> > impact the price of a publicly traded company???s stock by communicating
> > with algorithmic market makers. By using the same algorithmic
> > sentiment analysis techniques as financial trading bots, the app
> > generates posts for social media that link to news stories that will
> > be viewed negatively by algorithmic market makers.
> >
> > If enough of these posts are generated in the same time frame,
> > uncertainty about the targeted company???s stock will be created,
> > temporarily affecting the price of the stock, consequently making the
> > company???s shareholders aware of the public???s negative sentiment
> > towards them.
> >
> =======================
> ===================
> > Almost eight years after Sergey Aleynikov made HFT a watercooler topic
> > after the former Goldman engineer was arrested (and incarcerated, then
> > released, then charged again, then found innocent, and finally found
> > guilty yet again) for allegedly stealing Goldman's proprietary HFT
> > code, a trading software developer was charged last Thursday by the
> > acting U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, Joon Kim, for attempting to steal
> > quantitative trading code from Susquehanna International Group, a
> > relatively secretive financial firm based in the Philadelphia area
> > that specializes in making markets for options.
> >
> > A 44-year-old native Russian, Dmitry Sazonov worked for Susquehanna
> > since 2004 as a software engineer and, by implication, trader. He was
> > arrested in the lobby of Susquehanna???s New York offices last Wednesday
> > by FBI agents, Forbes first reported.
> >
> > According to the complaint, Sazonov "attempted to steal valuable
> > proprietary computer code that took his employer years to develop." 
> > Sazonov was accused ot taking elaborate steps to conceal his attempted
> > theft, including camouflaging pieces of source code within
> > harmless-looking draft emails on his work computer.
> >
> > Specifically, the code which Sazonov was accused of stealing was
> > linked to an updated trading platform Susquehanna has been developing
> > for years to generate exchange and market orders. Sazonov started his
> > effort to steal the proprietary trading code in February, the
> > complaint says, after learning his supervisor had resigned.
> >
> > Prosecutors claim that Sazonov, fearing he would be fired, downloaded
> > the source code to his company computer and deployed a computer
> > program that may have used steganography to break up data and hide
> > data within other files, including personal tax and immigration
> > documents. Sazonov attached zip files containing the quant trading
> > code to two saved emails addressed to a personal account, but he was
> > fired and immediately escorted out of Susquehanna???s New York offices
> > in February before he had a chance to send the emails.
> >
> > Then, according to the complaint, on multiple occasions following his
> > termination Sazonov contacted individuals employed by Susqyehanna
> > seeking the return of computer files on his desktop computer, which he
> > claimed were personal documents.  Then, last Wednesday, April 12,
> > 2017, the feds say Sazonov showed up in the lobby of Susquehanna???s New
> > York offices thinking he was going to have them returned. There, an
> > FBI agent pretending to be a Susquehanna employee handed Sazonov a
> > disk and he was arrested.
> >
> > As an interesting aside in the complaint we read the following:
> http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-18/fbi-arrests-former-susquehanna-trader-stealing-hft-code