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Spammers n' Scammers: Riseup Changes Account Creation protocol

Sad but probably necessary:

> Because Riseup does not tie user account creation to a phone number or
> credit card information, many people attempt to obtain Riseup accounts
> for the purpose of sending spam or phishing email.
> In the past, we asked people to write a short description of their
> activism in order to try to eliminate these scammers. Unfortunately,
> over the years, this has been excellent training for teaching scammers
> how to sound *exactly* like activists. It got to the point where if an
> account request sounded too inspiring and awesome, it was probably
> fake. This has been a huge problem for us.
> Another problem is that whenever a Riseup bird leaves their cozy nest,
> someone always mentions that they tried to get a Riseup account and
> were rejected. Many apologies! We were not judging you. It is likely
> that you sounded too wonderful and therefore seemed like a scammer.
> In light of this, we have made two changes:
> (1) We have removed the ability to request a new account.
> (2) We have simplified the process of creating a new account with an
> invite.
> It now only requires a single invite in order to create an account,
> and every user is able to create more invites. In order to create an
> invite for someone, log in to account.riseup.net.
> To prevent abuse, new users are not immediately able to create
> invites. We are hopeful this will make life better for everyone. 


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