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Skrymions: Data storage breakthough

On 04/13/2017 08:11 PM, \0xDynamite wrote:
> It's a fine point, but this problem is far more subtle than oppressive
> forces.  In the issue of Iraqis, for example, there is an issue of
> ignorance.  If someone in the West would have taken the time to teach
> them and cross-ferilize cultures, these things wouldn't happen.  But
> no one did that.  There are serious scriptural holes, between the
> Christian and Islam, that can be united if someone were to take the
> effort.  Strangely, no one did.  So they were discarded by the West.
> But that event isn't just an issue of guns, it's an issue of everyday
> people not giving a damn about anyone outside our culture.
> The problem is always in the mirror.
> Marxos
> On 4/13/17, Razer <g2s at riseup.net> wrote:
>> On 04/13/2017 07:11 PM, \0xDynamite wrote:
>>> The people activists paint as "evil empire" are comical, as in
>>> literally something mythological and from a comic book.
>> A million and a half... perhaps twice that number, of dead Iraqis, would
>> debate that point.
>> Rr

So... You're saying if they culturally assimilated (cf. self-inflicted
cultural genocide <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_genocide>) to
that 'evil empire' that you consider so 'comical' and 'mythological',
everything would be hunky dory because they assimilated to a funny myth.

Do you actually read what you write?