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Americans Flock to VPN's Under Fake ISP Privacy Guarantees


"A number of major VPN providers reported a significant increase in
subscriptions, downloads, and traffic from Americans since the U.S.
Congress voted to repeal the Broadband Consumer Privacy Rules that
would have mandated internet service providers get user permission
before collecting information. "Several popular VPN providers reported
a more than 50 percent increase in downloads." VPN provider ExpressVPN
said they "experienced a 105 percent increase in traffic from the U.S.
and a 97 percent spike in sales" since the repeal. Additionally,
"KeepSolid, the New York-based company behind VPNUnlimited, noted a 32
percent increase in purchases and growth of 49 percent in total
downloads," reports IBT. "The company also reports having a
considerable amount of increased engagement via social media regarding
user privacy.""