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[WAR] the only solution to the relentless aggression of the rogue state, the USA ?

No matter how good the platitudes, pledges, promises and hopes of any
incoming USA president, they will be dominated by the deep state
military industrial complex.

The USA is controlled by Boeing, Lockheed, Ratheon and Goldman Sachs.

Every state of America including Israel, Australia and other states of
the USA, has its snout firmly in the trough of this military money
machine, most strikingly over the last decade with the JSF boondoggle,
and so a significant portion of humans in each state is likewise has
snout in trough syndrome.

Throw in a few "elite" pedophile networks with the election, money and
Hollywood machinery, and you have a failed, rogue, reckless, despotic,
aggressive and ultimately psychopathic entity, in this instance of
history this entity is known colloquially as The USA.

None of this can change with a mere election, despite naieve hopes to
the contrary.

Solution possibilities?

For those entities capable of doing so, a start might include:

 - disengage your own dependencies upon the USA

 - build depencencies within the USA, upon you and other entities

 - civil war within the USA

 - pray for intervention

 - manifest a technology to try to level the playing field, e.g.
   Jim Bell's assassination politics

The USA's $100 million fireworks display this last week in Syria, was
ultimately a farse, and provided the opportunity for Russia to dissolve
its high level defence communication "deconfliction" agreement from
2014.  This is good because it will speed up the end game, and the
multi-polar axis is strong at this point in time - the USA is flailing
and no one inside the machinery is capable of taming this dragon,
despite a few mitigation leaks, some of which have been no more than
attacks against deep state opposition humans.

Good luck fellow humans,