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Russian free software activist arrested for extremist materials posted from his Tor exit node

Dmitry Bogatov aka KAction, Russian free software activist and
mathematics teacher at Moscowâ??s Finance and Law University, arrested in
Russia and charged with extremism.

Here is news report about his arrest

>From his Tor exit node user with nickname Airat Basharov posted some
messages on sysadmins.ru website. Russian investigators alleged that
this messages contains a call to mass riots and terrorism. Messages were
posted from different IPs in different countries (probably another exit
nodes), and only one was posted from Bogatov's IP. After Bogatov's
arrest, Airat Basharov continue to post messages.

Here is his Tor exit node, last seen 2017-04-05 20:00:00

Another report about Bogatov
(in Russian)


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