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[WAR] "The West" has become "the barbarians at the gate"

Whilst Soros and the CIA have done a very admirable job of keeping the
sheeple focused on one big problem (government mandated and financially
assisted (with stolen "tax" dollars refugee (from Western wars)
immigration (some would call it Jihad)),

the true problem is the West itself - a seemingly unstoppable neocon
military empire smashing down the gates of the world's nations for its
own financial and hegemonic control interests.

"We", as in "citizens of 'the West'" have become the barbarians at the
gates of history.

We trample human rights, human dignity and anything resembling any cause
higher than money, murder and control.

Our young "men" almost universally pick up a gun, jump on a plane, and
obey every order to "shoot that brown person" in any foreign land
they're dumped in.

The rest of the sheeple don't rebel in any meaningful way.

Trump surrounded himself with (((neocon rubes))) from the "leading
financial and military powerhouses" and is now very close to completely
backtracking on the last of his election promises (no, not the almost
irrelevant ones like building a wall).

** Laughter Over the Left Shoulder at Russiaâ??s Tragedy
by Valeria Z. Nollan on Sat, Apr 8, 2017
The recent appearance in some Western media sources of insults, jokes,
and unfounded accusations in response to tragedies affecting the Russian
people is shocking in its coarseness and barbarity, disturbing in its
lack of compassion for fellow human beings, and irresponsible in its
professional ethics.

** Reuters: Russia, Iran Joint Command Center Will 'Respond With Force'
If US Strikes Syria Again
by RI Staff on Sun, Apr 9, 2017
DEVELOPING A joint command center used by Russia, Iran and allied forces
has issued a statement saying that red lines have been crossed in Syria
and that there will be retaliation if they are crossed again. While
multiple sources report this, we think it's unlikely the Russians
formally signed off on this statement.  Independent: Russia and Iran
have warned the US they will "respond with force" if their own "red
lines" are crossed in Syria.

** Trump's National Security Advisor Planning 'Full-Scale War' in Syria
by RI Staff on Sun, Apr 9, 2017
According to independent journalist Mike Cernovich, National Security
Advisor H. R. McMaster is trying to get Trump to sign off on a plan that
would put 150,000 US troops on the ground in Syria.  According to

** Report: US Boots on the Ground in Syria by June
by RI Staff on Sun, Apr 9, 2017
UPDATE: According to Cernovich, US boots on the ground wouldn't be for
"safe zones" â?? Trump's National Security Advisor wants "full-scale war".
The Pentagon has drawn up plans for more boots on the ground in Syria by
June or sooner, according to independent journalist Mike Cernovich.  US
Special Forces are already operating in northern Syria, and "hundreds"
of US marines have been deployed near Raqqa to assist with the assault
on ISIS' capital.

** BREAKING: Trump administration threatens new sanctions on Russia and
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley speaks at the Federalist Society's
National Lawyers Convention, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016, in Washington. (AP
Photo/Cliff Owen)

Nikki Haley spoke on behalf of Donald Trump.

** Is Donald Trump more dangerous than Barack Obama?
obama trump

Barack Obama was the deep state's middle manager. Donald Trump is
looking increasingly like the deep state's lap dog.

** General McMaster provides technical corroboration for Russian version
of Syrian gas attack
Mc Master

President Trump's National Security Adviser General H.R. McMaster
contradicting British experts admits bombing chemical warfare storage
facility can release sarin gas as Russia claims happened during Syrian
air strike on Khan Sheikhoun.