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the Janssen Scale of Delusion

> \0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
> Thu Mar 30 08:22:17 PDT 2017
> You should lay off the bong.

I do not employ the use of a "bong", or any tool to aid in the consumption of cannabis, as I do not consume cannabis.

However, 'The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross', by John Marco Allegro, is my reference. I am sure you have read this:


> Moses took DMT?

I know, right ?

> You are a case-in-point.

Again, without the deets.

> Food does not automatically get "root" control.
> And drugs are no more "userland", than food.

Foods establish the chemistry.
"Drugs" affect the chemistry.

> expert

Knowledge through experience. It seems you, and not jnn, need the dictionary. Maybe you meant (((expert))).

> smoke-inhalation

Is bad. So are wood-burning stoves.

> quite a bit more than THC

Yes, ~80% plant matter.

> Please don't try to out-doctor me.
> You won't find a school that can train
> the knowledge I'm giving you.

Smells like bait !

>>>/T_D/ with that letters agent personality shit, fam.

However... I will bite ¢�¢

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Dr. Rhonda Patrick:

Joe Rogan Experience #901 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick:

- -

Dr. Justin & Erica Sonnenburg:

How The Gut Microbiota Affects Our Health:

- -

Wim Hof:
icemanwimhof. com/innerfire

Breathing with "The Iceman" Wim Hof:

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Unless you are one of these fuckers, I think not. Please continue, though. Redpills welcome!
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