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Amir Taaki: Crypto Currency Anarchist, Fights ISIS with Rojava YPG

The New Radical

"The evironment is very nice... something worth fighting for..."
vs. "A crisis of civilization in the West." and
"Cryptocurrency sellouts"

An oldie...

Follow subsequent talks here...
https://www.reddit.com/user/amir-taaki ?

At the end of 2014, I was working with a highly skilled team of top
hackers on a world changing project which the EU central bank named as
a top key money laundering threat, ISIS released a report recommending
it to their members and the US military held a meeting over.
Then I discovered the anarchist revolution of Rojava, which came under
attack by ISIS. I dropped everything to go help defend this revolution
as my duty. I served 3 and a half months in the frontline then worked
in the civil society for the economics committee for more than a year.
What I saw there in one year I could not have seen elsewhere in 10
Rojava is the most important revolution of this century, and the first
proper anarchist revolution. It is the solution for lasting peace in
the middle east, and the way forward for our crisis of civilization in
the west.