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[Cryptography] Regulations of Tempest protections of buildings

On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 9:17 PM, Harlan Lieberman-Berg
<hlieberman at setec.io> wrote:
> One thing that may be true (this will vary highly with jurisdictions) is
> that buildings which block the effective use of radio bands used by the
> fire service may be required to install a repeater.  This isn't a /ban/
> on such constructions, but rather an additional requirement for those
> who do.  Not all jurisdictions will require this, but some will: NYC,
> for example, it's section 917.1.2 of the NYc building Code and FC511 of
> the New York City Fire Code.
> (Nationally and internationally, the model codes are in Annex O of the
> NFPA 1 and IBC 915 / IFC 510.  Reviewing these may be difficult;
> unfortunately, building codes are proprietary in most jurisdictions.)

Sorry but if you can't see the written law, promulgated regulation, or
included by reference junk, even as an indigent for lols, then it doesn't
exist, you don't have to comply with it, and can't be prosecuted for it.
There is a very famous guy (can't find link) who goes around suing
FOIA / States / Jurisdictions over this bullshit secret law proprietary
copyright trademark access fee crap, and winning. He's also going
after inhouse crap like PACER, and farmed out junk like LexisNexis.

And prople are trying to go after FISC/FISA/PATRIOT too.