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[RUS] Buzzfeed: Russia, perpetrator of the most audacious cyberattacks in recent years

Ok, ok, this is just another biting cynical take down of the Western
"MSM" by russia-insider.com - the editors have managed to combine the
best of RI and Breitbart, and deliver it with endlessly dry wry biting
sarcasm - what's not to like?

Russia Insider had written themselves off for a while, but have truly
landed again with a style which is uniquely appealing to those who find
this style of writing uniquely appealing.

Kind of like when tautological truisms are adjectively described with
self evident introspective recursions of the same point?? You decide..

US Media Now Just Making up Random Scary Russian Stories, Because Why

The West hypocritical? Surely not?!! :

Ancient Mystery Solved: Zakharova Reveals Why US Prays For Aleppo While
Burning Down Mosul

If only Western governments were as easy to dismantle as the MSM.

Twitter Demon Louise Mensch Continues to Lust After 'Russia Insider'

This contains an amazing economic graph going back to pre-1800 :
Buckle up For Global Economic War

Amazing: Even Saudi head-choppers have become intolerable snowflakes:

Saudi-Backed Terrorists Award Themselves Medals After Pretending to
Shoot Down Russian Chopper

As they say, snowflakes don't last long in the Russian fire storm:

Payback: Russian Airstrikes Pound Erdogan's 'Rebels' Near Turkish-Syrian
Turkish-backed terrorists get Russian-barbecued

Just another day in the life of a jihadi ...