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Why I just left reddit.

On 04/01/2017 06:28 PM, John Newman wrote:
>> On Apr 1, 2017, at 5:30 PM, Mirimir <mirimir at riseup.net> wrote:
>> Here's what happened:
>> 1) Someone posted in /r/privacy, with concerns about ISP monitoring.
>> 2) I recommended using a VPN.
>> 3) A bot flagged my post, because writing "VPN" is forbidden there.
>> 4) I complained on /r/VPNs, pointing out that this is absurd.
>> 5) A moderator criticized me, saying that I shill for IVPN.
>> 6) I replied to the criticism, disputing the accusation.
>> 7) They banned me from /r/VPNs.
>> So I left reddit, because /r/VPNs and /r/privacy are two main reasons
>> for being there. It's sad, but so it goes.
> I stopped participating a while ago when i noticed that
> cops seemed to congregate in any sub talking about 
> the most recent cop murder that hit the news, to argue 
> how "hard policing is" and give all sorts of lines of bullshit
> to justify the latest murder, pushing down any opposing
> post. They didn't all identify as cops and maybe some of
> them were just scumbag cop lovers but, anyway, fuck it.


I only use reddit occasionally and have had a lot of problems with the
mods of foreign policy and news-related groups.