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How to identify the members of death squads within every American police department

A simple set of instructions:

Possess a large quantity of officer testimony, maybe from
Get a thesaurus and find every word associated with fear
Focus on the officers who are less than the average height

Keep in mind that police officers legally kill people. Or to quote that
NYPD officer taunting a human being with a tazer, "You wanna ride the
lightning." Presumably if the situation escalated, electrocuting a person
ten times will be considered legal and reasonable.

It is not hard to figure out the reasoning behind these instructions. It is
hard to figure out why I'm giving them, as opposed to those ACLU executives
getting paid quarter million salaries. Or police oversight agencies.

No it's actually quite simple.

The Russians are running everything, and have implemented full communism.

I suggest that the ACLU and the EFF be liquidated into a non profit I run
and control. In three years you will live in a free society.

And I will not seek to be a single point of failure.

Afterall, I reasonably believe that Edward Snowden has betrayed the ACLU,
by having Witte act as a secretary, meaning that the ACLU is not acting as
law firm for Snowden.

I think it's over, you know, the weeks when they have times, to get lawyers
really sort of go, "This is a special situation. How can we interpret this
to our advantage?" We... we see them do this all the time, you know,
whether it's drones or wiretapping or whatever, they'll go, "Well according
to this law from the 1840s, you know, with X, Y, or Z authority..."

Hmmmmm I'd like to know that legal opinion. Actually didn't the ACLU go in
arguing against mass surveillance blind?
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