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All your ... are (forever) belong to us, says (your Gov / Corp)

On 5/31/16, Anthony Papillion <[email protected]> wrote:
> What will it take for us to finally wake up and fight back? A total
> suspension of the Constitution and a revocation of our rights?

Americans gave all their rights up moments after they successfully
revolted against the Brits... by giving them, and all the rest of their
interests, to their new Government, Oligarchs, System, etc for
supposed benevolent care.

And they just got done proving minutes before that idea never
works in the end. Fools.

Now shit is once again raping them from all three branches
of their government and business combined. Oopsie.

Yet more news from the stupid-comes-full-circle dept...

Police do not need a warrant to obtain a person's cellphone location
data held by wireless carriers, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday,
dealing a setback to privacy advocates. The full 4th U.S. Circuit
Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, voted 12-3 that the government
can get the information under a decades-old legal theory that it had
already been disclosed to a third party, in this case a telephone
company. The ruling overturns a divided 2015 opinion from the court's
three-judge panel and reduces the likelihood that the Supreme Court
would consider the issue. The decision arose from several armed
robberies in Baltimore and Baltimore County, Maryland, in early 2011,
leading to the convictions of Aaron Graham and Eric Jordan. The
convictions were based in part on 221 days of cellphone data
investigators obtained from wireless provider Sprint, which included
about 29,000 location records for the defendants, according to the
appeals court opinion.